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Gayle Abbott

Ms. Abbott is Founder, President and CEO, Strategic Alignment Partners, Inc. and Mind Soul Academy. She works with boards of directors, executives, leaders, high potentials and teams to increase their effectiveness, impact and profitability. She helps facilitate change, serves as an executive sounding board on complex people issues and works with high performers so they go to the next level of contribution and effectiveness. She is passionate about helping people and organizations move to new levels on their journey. In doing this, she uses her sixth sense, practical business techniques and tools, the esoteric sciences and her expertise in people, communication, critical thinking, practical results and business strategy and execution to help move individuals and organizations to the next level of performance. She is an entrepreneur and leader who has run a successful company for over 20 years.

She is a co-author in three best-selling books, SuccessOnomics with Steve Forbes, Think and Grow Rich Today and New Rules of Success.

Gayle has been interviewed on America’s Premier Experts which aired on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox and was in the August 2013 Edition of Fast Company. She has been quoted in several articles in CBS MoneyWatch, www.businessnewsdaily.com and CEO Update and has an article on Competencies in the magazine, Dollars and Sense. She previously co-authored Deflecting Workplace Violence.

Ms. Abbott speaks on such topics as:

  • Success Doesn’t Wear A Watch
  • Mind Your P’s and You – CEO Strategies for the New Economy
  • Freedom to Profit: Unleashing the Power of People, Our Real Advantage
  • Strategic Alignment for Increased Productivity and ROI
  • Increase Your Profitability and Leverage Your Time: Keys to Grow Your Business
  • Achieve Your Summit: Strategies for Personal and Career Success
  • Selecting and Retaining Top Performing Talent in a Tough Market
  • Using Competencies to Develop and Get Better Results through People
  • It’s Not What You Know but What You Do
  • Increasing Your Leadership Effectiveness”.

Ms. Abbott has served as an adjunct faculty member at Marymount University and American University. She has her BA from American University and her MBA from Loyola College. She is a certified Growth Curve Strategist and is TriMetrix® HD certified and Emotional Quotient certified.

Ms. Abbott has won several awards for outstanding leadership including “2002 Consultant of the Year”, “2002 President’s Award” and “2002 Sales Excellence Award” from TTI Performance Systems, Inc. and the Lodestar Award and Alumni Recognition Award from American University. She has been listed in: Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the South and Southwest, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry and Who’s Who in American Women.

On her journey she has experienced extensive personal growth and achieved her successes to this point by seeing the opportunities in and overcoming a variety of life challenges–such as the bad manager, divorce, being widowed unexpectedly, and financial challenges to name a few. She has learned that while we are continually learning and growing that if we leverage our gifts and get on the right path for ourselves there’s no end to the possibilities of what we can do and contribute. A few of her other passions include spending time with her daughter and their two Husky’s, travel, reading, visiting museums, and being outdoors whether by the water, in the woods or by the mountains.


William “Chip” Colbert, Principal

William, brings his significant experience as a leader in the most challenging of situations to helping individuals, teams and leaders go to new levels of performance. His career accomplishments have included training and leading troops deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait; serving for 3 years on the National Security Council of the White House as the Director for Defense Policy and Strategy for the Middle East and teaching at West Point to name a few. He has helped solve some of the military and government’s toughest challenges. During his career in the military he achieved the position of Lieutenant Colonel. He now uses his expertise in leadership, strategy and collaboration to help companies and individuals adapt and evolve to meet emerging demands and deliver results with and through other people. He has his BS from West Point Military Academy and his MA in Organizational Psychology & Leader Development from Columbia University.


Elizabeth Weihmiller

Elizabeth has a passion for helping others overcome limiting beliefs, fulfill their potential and achieve their unique success. She has had the unique advantage of learning, growing and uncovering her unique gifts early as a result of challenging situations that she has faced. These have included her parents divorce at a young age, a difficult stepmom, her adored stepdads unexpected death winter break her senior year in high school right after moving to a new city with no support network, switching schools several times as her own choice, meeting executives of clients while young, overcoming the naysayers on her goals and dreams and overcoming her own insecurities and lack of confidence in herself. She continues to invest in herself and constantly be learning and growing new things all the time.

She knows that when you discover your strengths, potential hindering factors, purpose and destiny you can more easily move along your unique path. You can take action to minimize potential hindering factors and can change limiting unconscious or subconscious beliefs. She uses all she has learned about the esoteric sciences to help others progress along their path.

She is co-author of the bestselling book Transform with Brian Tracy.

Elizabeth is a graduate of Northern Arizona University (Go Lumberjacks!) with a degree in Business Management and certificates in Economics and Human Resources. She has co-authored a book with Brian Tracy and received editors choice for her chapter contribution. She is a Certified Behavioral Analyst, Certified Values Analyst, TriMetrix® HD Certified, and EQ Certified. She also has certifications in PER-K and PSYCH-K.

Elizabeth’s goal is to give the advantage she has had to others who have big dreams, feel they are missing something in their life, are blocked by feelings of limitations or who even just want to go to the next level without the normal way of having older adults dictate to them or tell them what to do. She is passionate about using new, outside of the box ways of doing things and moving to higher levels of consciousness while still being grounded and aware of the practical realities of the world.

She joined Strategic Alignment Partners, Inc. full time upon graduation after really weighing the pros and cons of taking a “normal” corporate job versus the life of an entrepreneur. Since joining, she has played a crucial role in helping take the company to new levels, bringing in new ways of doing things and delivering exceptional levels of client service. She has grown up around business and attributes her love of business and entrepreneurism to this fact even though she swore she would never go into the “family” business. She loves cars and airplanes and in her spare time loves spending time with her two Siberian Huskies – Mystic and Snowball, reading, travelling, learning new things, hanging with friends, working out, and anything that can be done in the majestic outdoors.

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