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Do you or someone you manage want to go to the next level of achievement and contribution?  Are you unknowingly, creating unnecessary obstacles for yourself?  Do you find yourself “trying” to do the right things to get where you want or dreaming of accomplishing what you want but not getting there?  Are you looking to see some immediate results for the coaching efforts?

We can have all the plans and dreams we want but when things aren’t going as we expect we have found that there are usually things going on of which we are not even consciously aware.  So much of who we are and what we achieve comes from within – from a state we are often not conscious of.  For example, have you ever seen someone who says they want to be a manager, but who doesn’t do the things that are necessary to become an effective manager?

When we look at practical studies and research combined with the esoteric sciences we see that each person is a unique individual with unique talents and opportunities to contribute and fulfill their purpose and potential in this life.

Our “Fast Start High Impact Coaching” incorporates the following steps.  These may be modified based n the individual and where they are coming from:

  • Identify goals and desired outcomes for the coaching process.
  • Assess Individual behaviors, motivators, cognitive valuing processes, competencies and EQ through the use of scientific, data driven assessments as a quick start method to gain objective understanding of oneself.  In some cases, if appropriate, also incorporated are insights from the esoteric sciences.
  • Debrief the assessment results with the individual so they understand the powerful insights and gain the greatest benefit in relation to the desired outcomes.  Strengths and areas for development are highlighted as part of the process.  At times during the debrief process limiting beliefs are identified which can be the greatest roadblock to forward progress and real movement to new levels of proficiency and performance.
  • Practical Recommendations & Actions geared to the unique make up and capacity of the individual, that the individual can use immediately to take their performance and contribution to the next level are incorporated during the individual debrief and at each stage along the way.  When appropriate, methodologies such as PER-K, are used to help the individual change limiting beliefs so they can jumpstart their progress and quickly move forward with new positive behaviors.
  • Reinforce. Follow up occurs, as appropriate, to provide reinforcement and assistance with handling new or difficult situations.  The objective is to help the individual become proficient and self-sufficient at a whole new level of performance.

So when you want high impact, with initial quick results followed by reinforcement and situation specific coaching consider Strategic Alignment Partners, Inc.

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