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How Big is Your Monthly Investment in Human Capital?
Learn the Secret to Unlocking Human Productivity and Increasing Your ROI.

Statistics show that in many organizations up to 70% of employees are performing below their productivity potential. Imagine the impact this is having on your ROI, productivity, customer satisfaction, innovation and achievement of strategic initiatives. Strategic Alignment Partners has developed strategic alignment processes that can help you get your human capital pool to where 85% or more are high performing “A level” contributors. We only partner with companies who are committed to being the best and using proven approaches to increase their return from their investment in human capital.

Our strategic alignment processes are designed to help you align your people with the accomplishment of concrete, practical results that enable you to meet your strategic initiatives and enhance your ROI. We partner with organizations in the areas of:

  • eXceptional Organization Culture – the clarity and alignment of your culture provides a solid foundation for aligning your organization to achieve superior performance throughout.
  • eXceptional Talent Selection and Search – a critical key to a high performing organization is getting the right people in the right jobs focused on the right initiatives and aligned with your culture.  Having superior talent can make the difference between average results and superior results in a competitive marketplace.
  • eXceptional Compensation Alignment – the development and refinement of base, incentive and executive compensation programs that align with your strategic initiatives, reward high performing “A” players and get you the results you want to achieve.
  • eXceptional Talent Development – once you have the right talent continuing to develop them so they make an even greater contribution to your organization, remain aligned with your organizations values and culture and achieve personal growth and satisfaction will give you a competitive edge when it comes to employee retention.

To help you get the results you desire we offer:

  • Customization. We seek to understand you and your organization and customize what we do so that it meets your unique needs and achieves the results you want.
  • Education. We educate you so that you are self-sufficient and can manage and maintain programs, if you want, without the involvement of an outside firm.
  • Intellectual Capital. Over 40 years of intellectual property and human capital power processes.
  • A team of high performing individuals who speak from real experience and will hear your needs and objectives and partner with you to help you get the results you want.

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