• Our team likes to share a variety of resources. We also know that each of you is unique. You will each resonate with different people and learning methodologies. With that in mind we will be continuing to share resources that we believe have valuable content that can contribute to your long term growth and development. We always try to share a variety of perspectives so you can do your own critical thinking. We recognize they won’t all resonate with you but take a look and see which ones can give you insights and different perspectives to help you achieve your objectives.

    Recommended Reads

    In this section we’ll provide different recommendations on books that we or our clients have found to be helpful to them as they grow their companies or develop themselves personally. We know based on our experience that you’ll be drawn to the book that is right for you to read at the time it’s right for you to read it.

  • Gayles Books:

  • Elizabeths Books:

    Business Strategy:

    Leadership and Management:

  • Teamwork:

  • Other:


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