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What percentage of your employees are top performing “A” players?

Have you ever hired someone you thought would be a great contributor who then 3/ 6/ 9/ 12 months down the road turned out to be a huge disappointment?

The aging of the baby boomers, the lower number of generation X’ers and the increasing number of jobs over the next 3 to 7 years indicates an increasingly competitive market for top performing talent. Are you getting those top performing “A” players now before everyone else is aware and competing for them?

While often we feel crunched to fill a vacant position just to meet existing demands, doing so can result in untold costs and unforeseen consequences. Mis-hires result in both visible and invisible costs to an organization. The cost of a mis-hire includes not only the cost of the actual recruitment process for the mis-hire and any consequent replacement or interim employees, but also, reduced or lost productivity, time spent on orientation and training that doesn’t result in returns, manager time coaching and dealing with the problems, co-worker time, mistakes and the impact they have on customer satisfaction, product release, or results and sometimes even delays or failure to achieve important strategic initiatives.

If you are looking to take your recruitment and selection practices to the next level where you’re consistently hiring “A”  and “A potential” players (individuals who are the right fit for your specific job and culture) then Strategic Alignment Partners can help. We can partner with you to increase your selection of top performing individuals to 90% or greater. There are two main ways in which we can partner with you to better achieve your goal of a high performing organization.

eXceptional Talent Search

Strategic Alignment Partners conducts customized searches for critical or difficult to fill positions. Our custom search process includes the following:

  • Benchmark the job with and for you to identify specific, clear Key Accountabilities and Outcomes and the specific technical, functional and personal competencies required for superior performance. This process is designed to ensure clarity right up front on exactly what will be required for a successful high performing individual. Our professional team members go deep beneath the surface to help you identify exactly what is required for superior performance in your specific  job and organization.
  • Conduct a Custom Search to identify passive candidates who will meet your specific needs. Based on the unique specifications we have developed with you, we conduct a thorough custom search of to find the one right individual who will be able to deliver the high performance you expect.
  • Intense Screening Process – All candidates complete a battery of assessments and go through a thorough interview process to determine their level of fit for the technical, functional and personal competencies required for your specific job in your specific company. If they don’t fit, then you don’t have to take your time to see them. Each candidate is charted on a score card to determine their fit against your specific job requirements for superior performance. We never ask you to take your time to look at anything less than a an A potential candidate because our objective is to create a win-win where you get a high performing person who will get the results you are looking for. In turn, the individual gets a job where they can use their talents to be successful and make a concrete contribution.
  • Refer the top 2 to 3 candidates who best match the job to you for your internal interview and screening process.
  • Conduct thorough reference checks. We use this process to validate both strengths and weaknesses. Then we give you detailed feedback, both the good and areas that require improvement so you are making your ultimate hiring decision with your “eyes wide open.”
  • Ongoing Communication. Throughout the search process you will receive regular updates on the status of your search. This is not just a numbers game, but comprehensive information which includes the names of the actual organizations within which potential candidates have been contacted.
  • On Board Follow Up. Once you make your selection and the person is hired, we follow up with them at 30, 60 and 90 days. Our objectives during this follow up are to provide the individual with the results from their assessments and to provide them with insights on how they can best leverage their strengths and avoid the impact of their weaknesses to achieve the high performance required in your position. We also use this follow up to understand any issues which need to be addressed to ensure the person stays on track.

In-House eXceptional Talent Selection Process

We can work with you in the following areas:

  • Audit your existing selection processes and to identify ways to take them to the next level. This audit covers  everything from the job benchmark, to the way you recruit employees, the nature of the interview process,  introducing and implementing assessments as part of the process,  the reference checking process and the orientation of new hires into the organization.
  • Benchmark the Job to identify exactly what it requires for success and superior performance. In our experience the selection process starts when the position first becomes available. In fact this is probably the most critical time in the process. Too often, an old job description is pulled off the shelf, is quickly looked at and updated. But most job descriptions list tasks and responsibilities without a clear definition of the key outcomes or accountabilities that are expected from the position or without sufficient clarity around what will be seen when the job is completed in the manner of a high performing individual. We work with you to identify exactly what the job would require in a high performing individual. This process includes the development of key accountabilities, the precise definition of task outcomes, and the specific definition of the technical, functional, and personal competencies required for success on the job. While this becomes an important foundation for selecting the right person, it can then later be used as a framework for effectively orienting, coaching, mentoring and developing the individual hired for the position.
  • Assessments – Clients of Strategic Alignment Partners know from experience that the right assessments as part of your selection process can help you go beyond the façade the candidate is presenting to identify areas for further exploration and probing. The right assessments give you additional insight to the individual and enable you to more thoroughly probe during interviews and reference checks to make sure you’re getting exactly the high performing “A” player for your specific job that you think you are.
  • Interview Process – We work with you to develop customized interview questions targeted to get at the real substance of the individual in relation to the job you are seeking to fill. When you complete this process you will have in-depth insight to the candidate.
  • Reference Checks – We provide you with both an approach to actually get reference information as well as targeted areas to pursue when doing so. This results in you having more accurate and thorough information on which to make your hiring decision. The ultimate result is that you hire the right person the first time.

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