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In today’s economic environment objective understanding of self and others is crucial to effectively thriving in and leading the marketplace. Hiring, developing and retaining top talent is the crucial ingredient for real success. Industry leaders go beyond the traditional resume, interview and yearly review process to use accurate, bias-free assessments to examine individual success factors and keys to exceptional performance. Based on a unique, 55-factor analysis, TTI TriMetrix® HD reveals specific details on how a person will perform; why they will be motivated; what they will demonstrate as non-technical competencies and what they are capable of based on their cognitive valuing and thinking capacities. These are key components for determining where they will demonstrate superior performance. As a thoroughly objective and highly validated process it gets past the façade to identify the real success factors for an individual.

Acumen Indicator: The Can

The TTI TriMetrix HD Talent assessment is unique in it’s ability to assess how astutely a person analyzes and interprets their experiences. A person’s acumen, or keenness and depth of perception or discernment, is directly related to their level of performance. The stronger a person’s acumen, the more aware they are of their reality in both their external and internal world. This report will give insight into the thought processes of the individual that affect performance. This reveals what they can do, describing their potential for superior performance. TriMetrix HD can reveal potential they possess that may not have been utilized on the job yet.

Competencies: The What

The TTI TriMetrix HD Report describes what an individual’s strengths are in 25 research-based capacities, or personal skills, that are directly related to the business environment. Through the assessment of an individual’s own personal skills, this quantitative measurement tool analyzes each capacity on three levels: mastery, some mastery and no mastery. The top skills outlined in the report highlight individuals’ well developed capabilities and reveal the areas where they are most effective. When used as a benchmarking tool, this component helps ensure the inherent skills of each individual match the personal skills required by the job.

Behaviors: The How

Knowledge is the biggest modifier of behavior. With the behavioral results from a TriMetrix HD assessment, individuals learn to understand, appreciate and adapt their behavioral style for effective communication. Based on the DISC theory, behavior is measured in four dimensions; dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance which are translated into a hierarchy of twelve behavioral traits scored on a 10-point scale. The results enhance the hiring process by revealing how an individual will perform. Furthermore, behavioral coaching empowers individuals to take action towards growth.

Motivators: The Why

As a window through which we view the world, motivators are the drivers of our behavior, or what motivates our actions. Motivators are measured in six areas: theoretical, utilitarian, aesthetic, social, individualistic and traditional. With the knowledge of motivators, you can encourage employees in a way that satisfies their inner drive right from the start. The results will benefit both hiring and coaching initiatives by revealing why an individual acts the way they do, or what motivates their behavior.

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